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Guest post blog

We have various blogs accepting guest posts right now. For example… (see I’m doing it again) In the same guest post mentioned before I did this by making reference to an incentive at the end of the post. The author has graciously provided a guest post so that will be first and then information about the book, including purchase links, will be beneath the guest post. Your blog post needs to be built the exact same way. The Blood Bank Institute—precursor to the AABB Annual Meeting—would have been familiar to meeting attendees in this century. Our guest posting services overcome all the challenges and our expert digital marketers spot the authoritative blogs, and contribute guest post on highly relevant blogs in the target niche to generate only contextual links. Ultimately, however, if we are unable to agree on the content for the blog and bio, ARC reserves the right not to post your blog. The idea of getting a free blog post is always appealing to a webmaster, but care must be taken so that you do not unknowingly hurt your blog with unfiltered guest posts. I think by mid-2013, a ton of people saw the clear trend towards guest blogging being overused by a bunch of low-quality, spammy sites. Getting featured in an insurance blog is always considered one of the hardest things to do because of the prestige with which insurance bloggers carry themselves.

In the interest of full disclosure, he anticipates that this post will likely form the basis of an amicus brief. Finding good websites to blog for The concept that each of us has a primary method of learning or “learning style” dates back to the mid-20th century, but became popular in the 1970’s . You don’t have to be from another Personal Financial Blog to Guest Post. so i think we should go on writting guest post. Enjoy! Guest Post by Jodi Rath. I started this blog to provide a platform where i could post all things related to women. thanks for sharing your views. Do you have a project, article, blog post, or other piece of content you think would be a fit for the BIMsmith Blog? We accept guest post submissions year round. Basic Pitch Best Practices.

When you submit a guest post on weddings, your wedding guest posts get shared on our website, homepage, newsletters and multiple social media channels which has a highly engaging audience. Guest posting is a type of blog posting but you write your content and post on the third party website. Some sites want longer articles, but to us, a guest post is a non-contractual appearance on a site. Once your guest post is published. Please treat me as you would an editor at a “real” media outlet. Guest post service is not the only service we offer. Maybe the topic didn’t resonate with that blog’s readers, or it was something else. e. Her most recent book, I Pray Today, has recently been released.

He or she might also use one back-link provided that is not commercial in nature in the blog post. This is typically the meatiest part of guest post guidelines, and it covers a lot of the practical things a writer would need to know about contributing to your site, including: Post length: Give a range of words a post should fall within to avoid getting tweet-length submissions or long-winded diatribes. Please note, submitting a guest blog post to me doesn’t mean it will be published automatically. Our dedicated outreach teams are all ears to serve your specific needs. Check the Submission Guidelines here. Whether you are passionate about sharing your knowledge, experiences or latest news; then create your unique and beautiful blog for free. SIGN UP FOR EMAIL: I'd like to receive news and commercial info from Schneider Electric and its affiliates via electronic communication means such as email. If you have a long-form piece of content you think is valuable to our audience we can include it in our blog by publishing here a few (2-3) paragraphs and inviting the readers to continue reading the full article on your blog. This is the one with long-term relationships with thousands of webmasters & blog contributors.

Contact him at howard. On October 27, 2018, General Motors’ (GM’s) Women in Design held a Girl Scout event about careers in designing. rodenberg@bmcjax. As guest blogging grew more popular, guest blog networks emerged on the Web. it has 2 benifit,first is building online reputapion as a wrtter,promotion and traffic for blog and second is backlink as well. LeadFuze is a lead generation software that aggregates the world's professional data and the companies they work for, to give you an easy way to build the most targeted, and accurate list of leads imaginable. From classic, favourite worktops like, marble, granite, concrete and wood, to more contemporary choices like stainless steel, laminate and ceramic, there is a surface for everyone but the… Here at LEGO Ideas, we’re trying something new; guest blog posts by invited members! To kick this off, we’ve invited Brent Waller to share some of his thoughts and tricks for creating and promoting projects. When things are going well, it’s relatively easy to thank God for your blessings. Below, she shares more about her new book and the role of time in children’s books.

You’re told how to submit your guest post, what the blog owners are looking for and what fashion topics the blogs are most likely to publish. com accepts Guest Posts; however there are some VERY specific rules and information that you should be aware of GUEST POST . If I feel that your post includes too many links back to your own blog, I may remove them, or reject the article. There is a lot of fruit that can come from building a sustainable process for guest posting. Guest Blog Post Contribution Requirements. Interested in sharing your business marketing expertise with a captive audience? Got a hot topic, marketing tip or unique case study you think our audience would be interested in? Do you have a project, article, blog post, or other piece of content you think would be a fit for the BIMsmith Blog? We accept guest post submissions year round. These tips are very much needed for me. SERPchampion provides a hands-off solution, that offers guest posts from various authority sites. Attracting An Audience.

I already have an idea for a guest post accepted, but wasn’t sure how to go about writing that. Some of these sites will pay more than $50, while others pay up to $50. Guest posting is one of a wide variety of marketing techniques used by business owners throughout the world. Unwillingly thrust into a world she never dreamed existed, Liz Markum is catapulted into an ancient war between rival vampire factions. Our travel community is your platform for backpacking and adventure travel related writing, photos and even videos. Our guest post service process allow us to secure links from popular blogs, improving your search engine ranking. Formerly a Teacher, my passion for writing got me into Blogging. (Edited on 3rd December, 2018): For every additional No-Follow link (except one No-follow link in Author Bio) will be $5, i. Guest Post Template 4: Dead Blog Walking Here’s an example of pitching the blog of a prolific guest poster who had not done much posting on his own site.

com, please read below. We want to interact with as many men and women as possible that have a passion to sharpen other people. The post will contain up to 2 do-follow links to your blog, which will increase your blog’s ranking on search engines. Hi. Thanks a lot. If you’re confident your post fits within our guidelines please submit your guest post here. I love guest writers because blogging is all about hearing opinions from different people with. . We welcome submissions of blog posts for publication on our site by professionals in the home remodeling and decor industry: building contractors, interior designers, architects, manufacturing companies of home building supplies/materials and home decor accessories.

Do not add links to your blog/site in the body of the post. There’s a fine line between maintaining reader interest while also not giving away too much information. Published on August 17, 2017 in Favorites and Fun and Guest Post. They post one guest post every week, so the competition is a bit tough (put your best foot forward). A bonus is if you’ve been reading the blog you want to guest post on and left meaningful comments, the editor or blog owner will see your personality in your comment. Good to read. If you’re anything like me you probably spend a lot of time online talking about computers. Guest Post Are you interested to guest post on my blog and get all the eyeballs on your content and website? Then you are just few steps away from submitting a guest post for Liz Skincare Wellness and Beauty readers. I’ll apply them during this weekend and if all goes well, next week my first guest post will see the light of the day 🙂 This page is intended to become one of the most important resources for people and businesses willing to submit guest posts to blogs or to online magazines.

This is a guest post by my sweetie Shelly. 2) Post will remain permanent. Our company offer you a high quality Guest Posting on high authoritity websites. We write informative articles and place quality links back to your site, with whitehat outreach. Today we’ll be publishing a guest post, co-authored by Konstantin Boyandin, a system administrator from Novosibirsk. Your Keyword “guest post” Your Keyword “write for us” Your Keyword “guest article” Your Keyword “this is a guest post by” Your Keyword “contributing writer” Your Keyword “want to write for” Your Keyword “submit blog post” Your Keyword “contribute to our site” Your Keyword “guest column” Your Keyword “submit Guest post service is not the only service we offer. Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 8:49 am November 20, 2018 Posted in Guest Posts by VAntage Point Contributor 753 views. And more important, it will remain a public list of blogs accepting guest posts. Intro on Pitching an Insurance Blog for a Guest Post.

Excerpt: Smoke, by Zev de Valera He rubbed his temples and squinted at the soft light of his surroundings through the fans of his thick eyelashes. 3 thoughts on “Guest Post: We Don’t Have Five Months to Wait” Jimmy and lynn waddle says: Create a website or blog at WordPress. Mention your niche or area of expertise, the topic you'd like to write about, and any related experience and skills. Guest blog posting guidelines. Join us for free and start getting free exposure from guest posting. You can also read Shelly’s other guest post here. We reserve the right to edit or add to any submitted guest posts. It rapidly gained prominence years ago as a way to earn authoritative links from high quality sites without needing a specific endorsement from that site. It means that you have a high quality and unique article written on a subject area that you are targeting.

Introducing: The most transparant guest post service on the market. I did that weekly for a year on WM Freelance Writers Connection, and thought it was a great experience for me…so maybe some readers Just in time for end-of-year holiday entertaining, we’re excited to share tablescape tips from Christine Janda, whose beautiful designs will be at the 2015 Chicago Flower & Garden Show presented by Mariano’s. We are experienced guest bloggers. We love to have contributions from our readers. Good grammar and spelling must be used. If your post is not accepted, we won't publish it and you'll be informed, so you can submit it to other websites/blogs. Do you need some web space to showcase your work? Guest Posting for a travel blog will give you the opportunity to showcase your work and build a new audience. When you write a guest blog post, be sure to ask for a link to your website in exchange, there are people who remove links after your guest post gets published or there are few bloggers don’t provide dofollow links. b) How to pitch a guest blog post.

My Blog guest is the free community that connects guest bloggers to blog owners. Guest Post, Guest Blog has 12,959 members. Over two years ago I stepped into a synagogue on the Jewish sabbath in New York City and witnessed one of the most foreign religious rituals I’d ever encountered: dancing. This page is only regarding guest post proposals. Related Posts: Want to submit a guest post to HubSpot's Marketing Blog? Here's what you need to know. It should be second nature for you to share your content and a good way to say “thank you” for publishing your guest post. They will help you know how to respondto guest blog posts requests. The post will contain a short bio, introducing you to my audience and linking back to your website, giving them an opportunity to become a loyal reader of your blog. The rise of cryptocurrencies presents a number of challenges.

I select guest posting with care, I put quality above quantity. I would love to have you on my blog if you are a travel blogger or a traveller who wants to share an exciting story about a place in Europe or an inspiring travel story. We are a Personal Finance Blog that accepts excellent Guest Posts. All content must be original and written by you. From classic, favourite worktops like, marble, granite, concrete and wood, to more contemporary choices like stainless steel, laminate and ceramic, there is a surface for everyone but the… Do you have an amazing blog post you’d like to share? Maybe it is a blogging or social media tip, or maybe you are interested in getting extra traffic back to your blog by sharing a DIY tutorial, or an inspirational post about writing. Every commenter took the time to read your post, and is a potential subscriber for you to win over. It's purpose is to record the rich history and current events on 2b2t, one of Minecraft's oldest anarchy servers. Guest Blog Posting Outreach: Our guest blog posting service is the only service that offers a real outreach, research service. These 55 blogs all accept guest posts and pay $50 for posts.

One rainy day, a couple of years back, I opened my e-mail and saw a request from another blogger asking permission to write a guest post for my travel blog. Shortly after starting my blog, I submitted some blog posts to a state government-run disability website called DiVine. Publish a guest post The Photography Blog . Has it been just over a year since the last Blog World Expo? I vividly remember attending that one – I saw colleagues, friends and made new acquaintances, sharing knowledge and learning some exciting new things. Mommy Tries welcomes guest posts that our audience would enjoy from funny writers everywhere – you need not be a mom (or dad) to apply. com Send unique images or links to images that can be used. Links to Your Blog… If it’s relevant to the topic you’re writing about, you’re welcome to link back to your blog within the post. Home Our Blog Healthy Living A Little More About Coconut Flour {Guest Post} Inside the Mill Recipes Healthy Living Special Diets Select a Category Recipes Healthy Living Special Diets Guest Blog Post: How to Improve Connection with Students in the Classroom For me, being able to walk around the […] 5 Collaborative Classroom Games with A Web Whiteboard Forget about dull and boring lectures […] We are delighted to share another guest post from our friends at Nutricia Metabolics: the leading provider of medical nutrition products and source of dietary information for patients following a low protein diet. Hello Readers! I am Munira Saleh, Running The OnlyWomenStuff Blog.

People often associate the concept with having to pay back significant debt within a quick span of time. If you’re an author or other fantasy and science fiction creative, and want to do a guest blog post, please check out the guest blog post guidelines. Are you looking to Boost your Website ranking using Guest Posting then you are at right place, . Johnson, MSTM, MT(ASCP)SBB — the Director of Clinical Education at BloodCenter of Wisconsin, part of Versiti, and Director of BloodCenter of Wisconsin’s Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB) Program. This is a perfect way to grow your business authentically. The NCA reserves the right to refuse to publish any post, or to remove published content at our discretion. When choosing kitchen worktops there are so many choices to be had. That information is below, and I ask that you refrain from writing me asking for guest submission information or before completing the steps below. To submit a guest post to BlogDash blog, you can either: 1) Create a collaborator account on the blog : If you think you would like to contribute to the blog on a regular basis, we invite you to create a collaborator account ( Click here to create your account).

Now, expose your passion to wider numbers of readers. Here's more on what you can do besides sharing it like crazy. Category #23 Fashion Blogs That Accept Guest Posts. Patent law remains hot at the Supreme Court. Today I’m thrilled to offer a guest post from author Angela Isaacs, author of one of my favorite Orthodox board books, Goodnight Jesus. Honestly, you don’t have to blame them for this because quite a good number of them are no small people. Tell them you’ve submitted a guest post to the blog. This link will take you to an example of a guest blog we have posted before. It needs to be 100% manual, written by English native speakers.

Thanks to Mobilewomen. Now write one more guest post and send it to the next blog owner expecting a guest post from you. Thanks for your interest in contributing to Patriot Software’s Small Business Blog! We are currently accepting articles from experts in all fields related to small business: accounting and bookkeeping, payroll, technology, marketing, social media, customer relations, hiring, HR, legal concerns, etc. If you would like to submit a guest post please email your article to passivewealthblog@gmail. Since then, many frameworks have emerged and become extremely prevalent in education. The editor asked me to write for them, and I’ve since written for Mamamia, ABC’s Ramp Up, The Hoopla and News Limited, plus a number of guest posts on blogs, as well as shared my story with journalists in the mainstream media. The last drink had been a mistake. Keep in mind that relevancy is very important. It is your duty to find out the terms and conditions of each individual blogging site as the stipulations will vary.

The following are absolute musts when pitching a guest blog post to another blog owner. If you are really wanting it, this can work. In this article, I will be sharing a few techniques that you should keep in mind when accepting guest posts . You can help record history by submitting guest posts to Guest Post The “Twist”: When the Plot Thickens. Guest blogging — also known as guest posting — is the practice of contributing a post to another person's blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links. A guest poster can only republish their guest post elsewhere if it links back to original article on HoneymoonAlways. In my own opinion guest post on sites like Venturebeat,Startup Nation or Blogr can bring a lots of benefits to your name as a writer and boost up your onilne presence. i think that the guest post is the most ethical way to get more exposure and get audience for the blog. The HubSpot blogging team reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

com or follow his personal blog at writingwithscissors. About Me; Contact Me! I Am Up For Hire! Looking For Sponsors! Follow Blog via Email VAntage Point would like to hear from you about the issues Veterans face. Through their regular guest blog, they share the latest news and developments in the area of Inherited Last Minute Gift Blog Hop - Guest Post : Natalie Crabtree Hello to all the quilters, fabric admirers and color enthusiasts reading this blog! I am Natalie Crabtree, quilt designer based in Cincinnati, OH. Another No-No: Guest Blog Networks. You get to use our social media platform, including our blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest account, and anywhere else we can think of, to amplify your blog post! For a full rundown on the do’s and don’ts of guest posting on our site, please read these guidelines . Title: Make sure to include a post title. From researching and writing for the The post will contain up to 2 do-follow links to your blog, which will increase your blog’s ranking on search engines. Help and Support Visit our support center for how-to guides or to submit a support ticket. Through guest posting on a whole range of sites, I have: been offered bigger roles as a contributing writer at sites like Entrepreneur and Social Media Examiner from earlier blog posts; A Guest Posting Service That Delivers.

Wait for results and be on the page 1 ranking. Give the sites the link to your own blog. Here are few blogs that are accepting guest posts, and invite you to submit. (This is a guest post service we use for SEOJet) Apart from the new JetRank score each guest post will include links out to other authority sites (a huge natural signal to Google), internal links to other pages in the blog (another signal), and of course your link. Post to. Professor Holbrook has written extensively on extraterritoriality and patents. Sponsored post – an article written by a blogger and published on his/her blog following the demand or request from a commercial partner. As prior posts on this blog have noted (most recently here), the rise of cryptocurrencies is one of the most important and interesting recent developments in the financial arena. Guest blogging offers a host of benefits for bloggers, businesses and entrepreneurs and basically anyone with a blog – it allows you to promote your blog or business to a larger audience, it helps boost your SEO, it boosts your authority and much, much more.

if you have 3 Nofollow links in a guest post it will be $10. ” Guest post outreach is the process that we use to find target sites to post content on. VAntage Point would like to hear from you about the issues Veterans face. Readers should consult professional counsel for specific legal, ethical, clinical, or coding questions. com. Whether you’re a Vietnam or Gulf War Veteran, a VA employee, a family member or just have information or a story to share with Veterans, consider submitting an original written piece suitable for our guest post column. Topics we accept: A quality guest posting service requires a few things done right. Second, The Formatting - headers, images, links and locations. Travel Blog Guest Post.

I have technology website where i accept guest posts and blog posts on anything related to tech world Benefits of posting on my blog : 1) 2 dofollow links. To guest post on Make a Living Writing, brush up on writing strong headlines, and don’t send any finished articles — Carol only wants a proposed headline and an outline of the points that you want to cover. Aug 03, 2016 ASD is pleased to share this Guest Blog Post from Writer and Jewelry Designer, Mira Alicki. I have also written similar articles in my blog, mostly websites that pay you for your guest post submissions and allow one to have a backlink or two to their own blog/website. You may even have your own blog where you share your own experiences with others, just like this one. Having a guest post is so important for a blogger to drive a good no. The site offers a graphic design course, so the blog is student-focused. Phaet Theta fled the Moon and has been hiding on Earth with her friend Wes and his family. Mark's Note: Today's post is from Al Norval, with the firm Lean Pathways, Inc.

com is a suite of tools and resources that writers and marketers can use to plan their post, organize their efforts, research ideas, find editor email addresses, and pitch their content, all under the same roof. In the Lean world we hear all kinds of Japanese words. This is a very active blog, and I get a lot of guest post requests. But it’s really a quality growth hack for the long haul. I did not want to create a heavily aged finish on the table bases, but still wanted to subtly accent the details in the legs, so I chose to use the Cedar Antiquing Dust. For general contacts, please go to the Contact us page. Their blog offers tips on craft, advice on querying and interviews with successful authors, and they accept guest posts on topics ranging from marketing to conferences to writing inspiration. Today he is sharing a wonderful frugal lifestyle story about his grandparents, who in our humble opinions, are legendary. Do not forget to subscribe to the best hand-curated fitness newsletter out there.

Veterans CARE is the first Pay for Success project to involve all levels of government and it is a powerful … Links to Your Blog… If it’s relevant to the topic you’re writing about, you’re welcome to link back to your blog within the post. In mid-2013, John Mueller gave spot on advice about nofollowing links in guest blog posts. ResourcefulManager is delighted to consider guest blog posts that are informative and authoritative. This guest post comes from Nathan Steiger, a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University and a friend of BCC. When she’s not working at Qgiv, Abby can usually be found writing for local magazines, catching up on her favorite blogs, or binge-watching sci-fi shows on Netflix. I can not properly understand why my guest post rejected. I am looking to expand and the site I am developing is fairly new. Posted in Blog Tour, Guest Post / Tagged ashael rising, book birthday blitz, book review, book tour, getting published, guest post, high fantasy, tips, writing, writing groups Post navigation ← Book Review | Hold back the stars by Katie Khan Guest posts – articles written by bloggers or non-bloggers to be published on other bloggers’ blogs. If your email is last-minute, I’ll sadly almost always have to politely pass.

People will be looking up to you for home improvement suggestions and will want to talk to you. But some guest blog owner accept my guest post. Konstantin worked with in-memory databases (memacached, Redis, Apache ignite, etc. Note: This blog post has been translated into Italian! The Italian version is here. Post Guidelines. Submit A Guest Post. If you wish to be part of this community and want to contribute for healthresource4u. The Confetti paint color is a beautiful neutral that really paired well with the natural wood stain on the tops of the tables. We also keep track of what the website owners charge for the guest post and help you track all of your guest posts in one place.

I know that typically we talk about guest posting sites or how to guest post but I want to switch it up in this post. When i think that the guest post is the most ethical way to get more exposure and get audience for the blog. We will review the guest post and we can discuss how we proceed from here. Advice given is general. Other guidelines. I am looking for guest blogs for both of my sites, but mainly the second one. This is the answer I give to all my ex-students that are so thrilled and excited to hear I am now a Guest Post Guidelines are important, please read carefully before contacting. Post a guest blog with a link back to your site. Hello friends, join your friends for Guest blogging, Guest post, Guest blog & SEO Accepting guest posts should be a lot easier than it is.

The award-winning HubSpot Marketing Blog has over 215 ,000 subscribers and attracts more than 2 M monthly visits , and we're always looking for more brilliant contributors to join our ranks. You can become a contributor by simply reading “write for us” page carefully and then write an interesting and informative article for women who struggle to become perfect moms every day. Are you interested in writing for the photography blog ? We are always happy to publish articles on any subject and length that pertain to the field of photography. And they have a topic calendar for the blog for months in advance, so ask for that before you suggest topics. There are some general principles or guidelines you should follow while doing guest blogging. Don’t be shy, but don’t be pushy either. Guest Post Raising a credit score may sound like a big struggle to many people. There are 20 top-quality, high-traffic fashion blogs in this list. ) on a server built with an Intel Optane SSD.

So what is a ResourcefulManager? A Resourceful Manager is able to deal well with new or difficult situations and to find solutions to problems. Read the Guidelines. *The blog post should be above 500+ words, with informative original content and proper credits. Your submission must be original and unpublished, and should be a maximum of 600 words. 3). we have a new honored guest joining us in the Kingdom this week! Moose from MSO Life. A link from a site with these high ranks will definitely help your blog or website, site gain higher domain authority, and to be easily found on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo Best Guest Posting services. Unless the website’s submission guidelines state otherwise, here are some general best practices you should follow: Yes, guest posting is definitely a great way to build links. It was founded by player James Rustles and ran by a dedicated team of players.

Abby Jarvis is a blogger, marketer, and communications coordinator for Qgiv, an online fundraising service provider. Doing guest posts are almost synonymous with new websites, product and book launches, and other short-term promotions. Guest posting is an excellent way to build your backlinks, traffic, and authority. 55 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts from Parenting Bloggers Click To Tweet What are Blog Editors looking for in a guest post? Guest posting is a mutually beneficial relationship: The editor needs content and you’re looking to expand your reach . Since guest blogging is an effective way to get noticed, here are some writing blogs that want (and might pay for!) your posts. write a guest post Note: We are not accepting new guest posts at this time; I will post a notice on this page if and when that changes. But I didn’t wait until the very end to tell them about it, I inserted it 1/3 of the way through the post. Timothy Holbrook of Emory Law. This is a detailed guide to writing an effective guest post for high-traffic bloggers.

When the blog publishes another guest post. Through her private practice, Watershed DNA, Brianne offers support and professional guidance to 20280 N 59th Ave Suite #115-141 Glendale, AZ 85308. The 20280 N 59th Ave Suite #115-141 Glendale, AZ 85308. Here is a sample email I want to share with you that I actually sent to request to guest post on another blog: This was in response to an introduction that was made between myself and another blogger, who emailed me a gave me the guidelines they follow for their blog, which is why I open the email above with “Thanks for the rundown. com You will be featured as a guest blogger in our blog here and in return, we will provide up to two […] Publishing your guest post just isn’t usually at the top of the blogger’s todo list. A travel blog guest post offers an opportunity to reach a new audience or build a portfolio of work as a freelance writer. Guest posting is famous for getting a backlink from other website to increase your website ranking. His blog is the living journal of his journey to reach financial independence and retire early. I will not publish posts that require extensive editing.

The whole post is described perfectly and makes us know the importance of guest posts, as we get stuck to ours personal in the seek of audience which can be direct regulated to our post in a big amount. No, this is not your standard guest blogging outreach service. 3) I will add 2 images in article and 1 image as feature image. Note- This blog post is by our Guest Contributor- Bhavana Jaiswal. Welcome! Today I’m hosting a stop on the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour for Pineapple Upside Down Murder by Jodi Rath. Write about design software and tutorials in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, plus open source design or utility software. Submit Guest Post on Home Improvement Blog myhome-dream. You can also give me up to 3 social media links. And due to the high demand for guest blogging at Noplag, we decided to cooperate with our contributors and now you are welcome to submit your articles, as per criteria stated below.

We are currently accepting new posts (publishing is subject to reviewing/assessment) so there is no need to email us first asking if you can write for us or if we are still accepting guest posts, we do. Picture this: The editor that you are working with (you know, the one who said they would publish your guest post) is reviewing their blog statistics and traffic. We generally perceive that when you receive good traffic that is very advantageous for your guest post as well as for the blog or the site you have published your article on but an even better advantage of the guest posting is the ability to attract, build and maintain super base for subscribers. I am looking for bloggers, marketers, SEO professionals, sales experts, social media gurus and branding coaches who can write on this blog as contributors. 1) OneNomadWoman is a growing blog on travel related stories of courage and defeat, growth and spirituality, only with some outright silliness. Guest blog posts must meet the NCA’s quality standards. Aching news, sciatic issues, lower back pains. Among the challenges is providing appropriate insurance We Provide Marketing Blog Guest Post Opportunities. First, The Content.

Guest Post: Let’s Stand Together and Keep the Momentum Flowing By Carol Morgan Shaw Note: Our Every Drop Adds Up campaign builds on the idea that people coming together for a common goal can make the impossible happen, just as it did four summers ago when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge soaked the world. This is a guest post by Brianne Kirkpatrick, MS, LCGC, genetic counselor, blogger, writer, and consultant. Dateline: November 19, 1947. If you are a new customer A $25 non-refundable depot must me made at the time of your request for a guest post this deposit will count as $50 toward the price of your first post and if forfeited if your first post is not submitted within 30 days of said Guest post by Prof. Respond directly and personally to the thoughtful posts, and as early and often as you can. org for this guest post on accessible gardening for people with paralysis! Guest Post by Dudley Delffs It’s not surprising that in the midst of simultaneous professional, family, and personal turmoil, Dolly Parton experienced a crisis of faith. Only pitch one blog post at a time to one website, and never pitch the same blog post to two websites at the same time. 20280 N 59th Ave Suite #115-141 Glendale, AZ 85308. Your tips about what to look for on the host blog are just what I needed.

So while you’re waiting for them to reply, why not pitch a few other bloggers in the meantime? I’m not talking about pitching them a different article, either. Here is that list: You should use your best work as guest post; Don’t submit the same guest post to multiple blog owners I am already a member of My Blog Guest, Post Joint, Post Runner, and Guestr. If you’re looking for a way to expand the amount of content on your site while building relationships and tapping into the authority/audiences of other people, opening your site up to guest posts is a smart move. Submit Guest Post on Forex Blog forextoolstrader. For today’s platform-building task, pitch a guest blog post to another blogger. In this post, Mira provides several different ideas that can help the bereaved to honor and remember lost loved ones. Images : It is essential that a (600*400 pixel) is accompanied with every blog post. 2-3 sentence bio that I can put in the author box at the end of your guest post. We’ll I am thrilled to be a part of Clare Harvey's blog tour today! The author's new release, "The English Agent" is out in paperback now and to celebrate this fact I have a lovely guest post from Clare herself! Tip #7 – Guest post more! The unfortunate truth is that while you can meticulously plan each guest post you publish to ensure the best chance of it generating serious traffic – some posts just fall flat.

By this I mean that you must comply with the rules of the blog site you wish to guest post on. Sometimes my guest post rejected by guest blog owner. Those seeking to publish sponsored content, please send me an email. Recent Posts. Here are a few guest posts we’ve published previously to Great! I’m so happy you want to submit a guest post for Travelling Buzz!. Well, now it’s time to call in a marker. If you’re a freelance writer, especially if you’re just starting out, you’re probably constantly facing the hurdle of finding ways to get paid to blog. The 2b2t Blog has been running since December 2014. Winter (Guest Post) Well-Being Tips For Students (Guest Post) Happy Holidays!! The Internet’s Worst Christmas Gifts (Guest Post) I Got Featured! Pages.

We did something similar with a recent opp (not out yet). Promote your guest blog post on your own social media networks and blog. There are lots of benefits for you if you submit a guest post to my blog. This blog has about half the subscriber base of The Wall Street Journal, so it’s a reasonable request. We have built a strong relationship with more than 800 blog owners and have 26 bloggers in our contact list. The owner of a blog will accept payment or bribe to approve any type of guest post from a guest blogger. It took a hit with the famous Matt Cutts blog post decrying […] Just as you should promote your guest post the way you would a post on your own blog, treat every comment on the guest post as if it were on your blog. You have mentioned very useful valid point here. We keep an updated list of blogs that accept guest posts.

We cannot allow you to republish your guest post to your own blog, LinkedIn, Medium, or Inbound. General Guest Blogging Guidelines. Alex is a streaming and cord-cutting expert at HowtoWatch. Indeed, it seems like a badge of honour to know obscure Japanese words that baffle your fellow teammates. HealthResource4u is a community blogger where we allow everyone to submitted there Guest article and become part of it. Skim through the target blog’s last few months of guest posts and see if there are any familiar names as authors — ones who you have developed a relationship with online. We first identify where your post would be most relevant, find a large list of real blogs and websites that could be potential targets. These networks paired people who wanted to write guest posts with blog editors who needed content. Guest Post Only: Skip the social question and just go for the guest post opportunity.

This will create a lasting impression on them and may make it easier for you to land a guest post on their site. Do let me know if you’ve any Thanks to guest blogger Laurie Munk, Director, Publications, AABB. I couldn’t tell you how many wonderful blogs I’ve stumbled upon just from doing this! The guest post site serves as a handy little icebreaker (“Hi, there! I found your blog through my guest post today!”) and I get a chance to correspond with another blogger who has similar interests. Buy Guest Posts With Blogger Outreach. Keep in mind that her most successful guest posters are blog subscribers and regular readers, so sign up! Our Blog Get the scoop on the latest tips and trends in online fundraising. 4. The objective if our young and ambitious blog is to be useful, interesting and helpful. These tips work because I’ve used them myself to write on sites like The Four Hour Workweek blog and Get Rich Slowly, resulting in hundreds of thousands of new readers, tens of thousands of new email subscribers, and thousands of books sold. The following is a guest post by Sarah Ettedgui, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, who worked as foreign law intern this past summer with foreign law specialist Nicolas Boring at the Global Legal Research Directorate, Law Library of Congress.

Today's guest post comes to you from Sofie Couwenbergh, a freelance writer and founder of the travel blog Wonderful Wanderings. blogspot. com accepts Guest Posts; however there are some VERY specific rules and information that you should be aware of GUEST POST, Sponsored Post . Not knowing the situation, it didn’t warrant spending a lot of time crafting some story ideas only to find out the blog owner had moved on to greener pastures. If ARC wants to edit your blog or bio we will seek your approval for those edits before we post. How to Guest Blog Anywhere 09/25/2015 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Guest blogging is one of the best ways to expand your brand's reach, yet it's also one of the most under-utilized marketing Write a guest post for I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Success Center Become a better fundraiser with our fundraising tools and best practices. Benefits of guest posts on OneNomadWoman. Find Me on Google+ Please note, submitting a guest blog post to me doesn’t mean it will be published automatically.

She loves travelling to new places, cooking world cuisines, wines and reading. Guest Post: My Epic Experience Visiting General Motors and Learning About Designing Dream Cars Written by Girl Scout Margie from Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan (Troop 70682). What is a guest post? To put it simply a guest post is a post on a website or blog that is not your own. Just make sure to ask for links. How to Submit a Guest Post to the Design Blog - Write for Us for Free or Get Sponsored Articles with Backlinks. One of the most difficult parts of writing suspense and psychological thrillers is keeping the “twist” (the unforeseen development) a surprise. Submit a guest post. The more guest post you write the better it gets. The thrilling follow-up to the groundbreaking debut Dove Arising.

Closed Ethan Dell is a computer engineering student who provides study tips geared towards engineering students. Mom Envy Blog, striving to be a top mom blog, is offering an opportunity of guest post submission on our high quality blog. Web Design & Development Blogs That Pay For Guest Posts . Thanks for post and keep posting. We accept paid guest posts at DaTechGuy Blog under the following conditions: NOTE these rates are for all new customers as of July 5th 2018. In this blog post, Mike Bell suggests that there is sufficient consensus among those educationalists who look at the evidence to say that we now know how learning happens, why some students struggle and how to improve learning for any learner. This is a nice gesture that will also generate more traffic back to your guest and their business. Bhavana is a digital marketer by profession, and a wanderer at heart. A big smile spread across my face as I remembered when I first started blogging.

My original idea was to find a few posters who’d like to guest post regularly, once a month. The last thing you need to do before contacting the blog owner is read the guest posting guidelines, if applicable, and follow them closely. She sent it to us as an essay a few weeks ago, and it blew us away so much we asked her if we could reprint it. Thanks to guest blogger Sue T. Accreditation and Back Links: The guest post which we accept and publish, we give full accreditation to the writer for the post. You must not post the same content on your own site. Last year, I started actively soliciting guest posts for this blog. Newsletter. Also, we give you a no-follow link and a dedicated profile page for you while you get featured in our blog section.

We also have all niche guest posting websites. Submit Guest Post on Home Blog lovehome520. Guest blogging is a form of content marketing where quality blog posts are offered up and published on different blogs that are relevant to your industry. Contact blogs for which you are interested in writing a guest post and explain your interest. Submit your guest post and help people find information and support for healthy and happy marriages. Writing guest posts is an incredible way to improve your exposure and expertise on a subject, while also making a deeper connection with the blogger who is hosting your guest post. Reply Heather van der Hoop says: . Geek Feminism was open to guest posting (posts from writers around the ‘net on geek feminist subjects), but is no longer. ARC always retains editorial control of guest blog content, including the blogger's bio.

Links are a primary ranking factor in Google, and in SEO guest blogging offers a strong opportunity to secure a link Obviously, the blog post had nothing to do with quilting, so search engines mark the links as spammy. Guestpost. Write a Guest Post on Marriage We welcome guest posts from avid writers, relationship experts, therapists, counselors, life coaches and mental health professionals. The blogs we work with expect quality, relevant blog posts that do not contain spammy links or links to poor quality domains. of audience to it, so nicely made it understand the meaning of a guest post. “Guest blogging for me, is as much about the opportunities as the traffic. Home » Guest Post: Browned Butter Sage Roasted Chicken. You can spot a low-quality guest blog service by its content - lack of images, lack of formatting, only 1 link to money site. org afterward.

I found Cassy’s blog a while back and absolutely loved her joyful and fun approach to nutrition. We invited her to the Roku blog to share her best tips for our readers! With today’s busy schedules, cloud DVRs on Roku devices are a lifesaver for TV lovers. Grow Your Audience We choose blogs with established readerships that will be interested in your other content and products on your website. Thus building expectation. Graphic Design School. She must choose between those she loves and the ever-present darkness attempting to devour her very soul. They notice that out of the five guest post they published over the past month, one of them is doing much better than the others. guest post blog

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